A National Network of Environmentally Responsible Greek Communities  
"A National Network of Environmentally Responsible Sororities and Fraternities"


Greeks Going Green, Inc. ("3G") is a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing sorority and fraternity (aka "greek") members and alumni nationwide to take action in adopting sustainable living practices.

We are a strategic alliance of student-run chapters across college campuses nationwide. While each 3G chapter retains the autonomy to design and implement its own local campus sustainablility campaign, our strength lies in the power of a national collective effort.  We are a united national greek community with a shared vision, a shared brand and common goals for sustainable living.

Our goals are simple but powerful:

1.  To promote sustainable living AWARENESS, and

2.  To create and promote sustainable living SOLUTIONS.

We're raising AWARENESS though the sustainable living programs and activities of our chapters and through the dedicated efforts of our student and alumni members to promote the Greeks Going Green brand. 

We've created simple tools designed to help fraternity and sorority members and alumni implement sustainablilty into their daily living.  These products and programs are SOLUTIONS for achieving sustainable living.

We invite you to join us in making a greener tomorrow.  WE ARE GREEKS GOING GREEN!

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